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Andreas Neocleous & Co LLC presents a conference on : Medically Assisted Human Reproduction in Cyprus

Which will take place on Friday 4 September 2015,

at “Annabelle” hotel, Paphos, from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm

The conference will consider the Medically Assisted Human Reproduction Law of 2015, Law 69(I) of 2015, from the legal, medical and philosophico-ethical perspectives.

The conference will conclude with a discussion by a panel of reputable and respected experts in all the disciplines concerned. The quality and professionalism of the conference in terms of organisation and content are demonstrated through the leading keynote speakers that have agreed to participate, including lawyers, academics, doctors and medical researchers from Cyprus and overseas.

The new law is a major innovation for Cyprus and, inter alia, introduces provisions permitting gestational surrogate motherhood, which is a widely debated and controversial issue throughout Europe.   

Target audience:

The conference is addressed to anyone with an interest in the new legislative framework, particularly  lawyers, doctors, academics, researchers and fertility clinics, as well as prospective users of their services.

Keynote speakers include:

  •           Dr Karolina Stylianou, Chief Inspector of the Ministry of Health responsible for supervision, inspection, control and enforcement of the provisions of the Application of Medically Assisted Reproduction Law of 2015
-          Dr Krinos Troccoudis, President of  the Cyprus Society of Human Reproduction
-          Dr Antonis Stylianou, Member of the Supreme Advisory Council of the Humanitarian Organization Hope for Children – UNCRC Policy Center
-          Dr Constantinos Deltas, Professor and Chair of the Genetics Research Group of Molecular Medicine at the University of Cyprus
-          Dr Eleni Kalokairinou, Professor of Ethics and Philosophy at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
-          Dr Theodoros Trokanas, Lecturer in the Department of Law, European University Cyprus
-          Mrs Maria Kyriacou, Advocate, Andreas Neocleous & Co LLC
-          Mr Antonis Glykis, Partner and Advocate, Andreas Neocleous & Co LLC
-          Ms Christia Middleton, Advocate, Andreas Neocleous & Co LLC